The Tomasz Stanko Experience


After a great tour to Cameroun with my trio, I’m now getting ready for the Vinter Jazz Festival here in Copenhagen.

I’m extremely proud to tell that I will be playing with one of this years headliners, legendary trumpet player and ECM artist Tomasz Stanko. We will play public concerts at Copenhagen Jazz House and Dexter as well as a private show which will be recorded in front of an invited audience.
Tomasz Stankos music is both wild and beautiful and it’s a such a great honor for me to share the stage with him and a wonderful band of great musicians.

This winter I will also play concerts with a new group formed by Danish pianist Lars Fiil, Ingrid Hagels Estonian Jazz Folk Project, a concert with singer Randi Pontoppidan and artist Bjørn Ignatius and finally a concert with the original lineup from Out of the White.

You can find all the dates on this site. If you happen to be in the audience, come up and say hi afterwards. I would really appreciate that.

All the best Martin

PS: Check out this new video of “The Journey” which we played as an encore at one of our concerts this summer at Copenhagen Jazz Festival. A vey special thanks to Mia Reilev for putting it together.



Out of the White gets reviewers praise


5 stjerner copyAll About Jazz, Budd Kopman Januar 2015 
”The opening sounds of the title track of Out of the White herald that this is going to be something different […] the happy/sad feeling of a Fellini film.”

4 stjerner copy Gaffa, Ivan Rod March 2015
Seductive, beautiful and captivating instrumental jazz

mMusic, Miguel Angel, november 2015
The final result is simply overall ingenious: a subtle and elegant marvel, captained by the Dane.”

JazzNyt, Niels Overgård januar 2015
”Martin Fabricius’ sublime sence of the good melody is intact. It’s the kind of jazz that embraces you and stays with you. Out of the White is an original and well crafted album”

All the reviews can be read here: Press

The Legend of Pipe & Sweater

It is with great joy I can announce, that I’m playing on bass legend, Jamaaladeen Tacuma’s latest CD release: Legend of the Pipe & Sweater. Besides an extensive solo career Mr Tacuma is probably best known for his work with Ornette Coleman and his Prime Time band. Besides his music career, Jamalaadeen also happens so have a great passion for design and is at the same time a truly wonderful person. I mention these things because I find that they are important to the music and the way it sounds. The recording was done in a great atmosphere of friendship, late at night, without much talking, with one microphone and in one take. On the album is Jens Jefsen (double bass), Pelle Fridell (sounds and good spirits), Ole Theil (drums), Morten Siversen (trumpet), Randi Pontopidan (voice and electronics), my self (vibraphone)  and of course legendary Jamaaladeen Tacuma (electric bass).

Please go to Jamaaladeen’s page to preorder.














New Album


Out of the White
Martin Fabricius Trio
Featuring Mathias Heise & Neff Irizarry

All About Jazz: ∗∗∗∗∗ “Completely overturning any preconceived notions… ”
mMusic: “The final result is simply overall ingenious: a subtle and elegant marvel”
JazzNyt: “Jazz that embraces you and stays with you”







Album Diary:

November 23rd 2014: Our album was released as physical CD’s. We celebrated this with a sold-out concert at PH-Cafeen

November 24th 2014: Mmusic wrote a wonderful review. If you speak spanish you can read it here or find the english translation here
November 26th 2014: With a small delay Out of the White is now on iTunes
November 27th 2014: Out of the White is Now on Spotify
November 27th 2014: Out of the White was presented in Danish Radio P8 (begins at 1:05:40)
December 5th 2014: Out of the White is now on Rdio and Deezer
December 18th 2014: Our first music video is out on Youtube
January 5th 2015: Mathias Heise, who’s featured on our new album, has been nominated as “the rising star of the year” and will be performing his own composition with the Danish Radio Big Band January 9th.
January 6th 2015: JazzNyt published a wonderful review. Read it in Danish here. It will be translated shortly.
January 9th 2015: Mathias Heise, who is featured on the album, is voted  “Rising Star of the Year” and performs his own composition with the Danish Radio Big Band.
January 12th 2015: All About Jazz’ Budd Kopman gave us 5 stars. Read his review here.
January 14th 2015: Out of the White is the most played track on danish Radio P8 Jazz
January 22nd 2015: Listen to the interview on Danish Radio P8Jazz.
March 14th, 2015: Gaffa gave us 4 stars. Read the review here.
August 18, 2015: Ivan Rod review Out of the White and reward it with 4 stars.




Jamaahladeen Tacuma, Brian Blade and Neff Irizarry – good times!

Jamaahladeen Tacuma, Randi Pontopidan, Martin Fabricius, Jens Jefsen and Ole Theil at a late night jam at Summersion 2014

Jamaahladeen Tacuma, Randi Pontopidan, Martin Fabricius, Jens Jefsen and Ole Theil. Jaming at Summersion 2014

There is autumn in the air and summer is coming to an halt here in Copenhagen.
And what a summer! Besides the beautiful weather, this summer was one of the greatest. Again this year I got to attend Summer Session, a week long gathering of professional Danish jazz musicians under the guidance of some of the greatest players in the world. I was in Jamaaladeen Tacuma’s group, playing free and funky jazz – having a great time. In the afternoons the instructors rotated and I got to meet and play with them all. One meeting in particular was very special to me. Playing with Brian Blade for an afternoon was one of the greatest musical experiences I’ve had.  He’s the nicest guy in the world, which I’m sure is an important reason why he makes the music and everybody he plays with sound so great. When we shook hands after playing he said “you give me good vibes”. Being a human who also happens to play the vibraphone, that’s a wonderfull compliment:0) But the truth is, it all came from him. I was so inspired and smitten by his open, caring, humble and generous nature that I could only feel love. For the music and for everybody in the room. Thank you mr Blade.
Another great musical experience was our concerts at Copenhagen Jazz Festival. For some time we’ve had Mathias Heise on harmonica with us, but this year, guitarist Neff Irizarry also joined the group. Neff’s guitar playing took us all to new nights and both evenings ended with a standing applause and a sense that something truly great had happened. Afterwards I asked Neff to join us on our upcoming album and he added some wonderful guitar tracks to the album, making it sound even more complete.
Theese days I’m mixing and mastering our new album, which will be named “Out of the White”. If you join my mailing list, I will make sure to let you know when it’s out. I can’t wait.
Good vibes to you all.

Time flies when you’re having fun…

Bebe / Fabricius DUO at Copenhagen Vinter Jazz Festival 2014, Metronomen
Bebe / Fabricius DUO at Copenhagen Vinter Jazz Festival 2014, Metronomen

It’s officially spring and about time I do a small update of what’s been going on.

This winter I played at Copenhagen Jazz Festival with my Trio, again, featuring the young harmonica virtuous Mathias Heise. Thanks to everybody who showed up. As all ways, we had a great time.

I also played a concert during the festival with Søren Bebe. He’s one the greatest pianist i know and it’s my hope the we will get a chance to play again soon.

And finally… I have just recorded my third album. This time with my trio and Mathias Heise as a featured guest. Now follows some time with mixing and mastering, making cover art and all the other things that are involved when making an album. Release date is set to mid November.

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All the best – Martin


Teaming up with artist Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholt


Now You See It…
In 2012, Danish artist Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholt made a wonderful live-drawing inspired by one of my songs from the album The Speed of Why with Chris Lavender. (see video below) He put the video on his Facebook page as an invitation of sorts or maybe more like a glove waiting to be picked up. This summer, 2013, Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholt was guest staring Martin Fabricius TRIO at Copenhagen Jazzfestival and we have just had our first duo performance together.
I have a strong feeling we will share the stage again sometime soon.

Lots of very special guests and new collaborations

This summer I’ll be playing at Copenhagen Jazz Festival, The Heerup Museum and the New Note Festival, and every concert will be different.
Friday the 5th of July I’ll be playing with my trio, Jacob Hatholt (dr),  Christian Hougaard Nielsen (Bass) and special guest Tomas Trullson (alto sax) at Nørrebro Bryghus.
The following night (Saturday July 6th) we will have Kasper Tagel on bass and guitarist Thomas Maintz will do us company along with artist Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholt who will be doing live drawings to our music.
Sunday at 2 pm July 7th, pianist Søren Bebe and I will play our first duo concert together at The Heerup Museum. The video above is from one of our rehearsals.
Finally, Mathias Heise, will join the trio with his harmonica as special guest when we play at the New Note Festival at Hillerød Library August 10th at 4 pm.
This summer is going to me truly exciting for me, and not two concerts will be the same. I hope you’ll have the opportunity to come and experience all these talented people unfold their magic.

Bill’s Will

Once in a while a musician comes a long that inspire me to seek out new teritories. Bill Frisell is a such a musician. Bill’s Will is not a typical song from my pen, you could say that it has been written under the influence… the influence of Bill,- hence the title.

This video is from our concert last summer at the Heerup Museum, the first with the wonderful Jacob Hatholt behind the drums.

Jam Session with Lew Soloff

Martin Fabricius, Lew Soloff, Bryan Campbell, Edward Perez and Claes Brondal

I just returned after a great week i NYC. It was a crazy week with lots of great music. I frequented Smalls, The Garage, Bar 55 and Cornelia Street Cafe, I got to sit in the pit at the Lion King and watch some of the greatest NYC players work,  I went to Boston and visited Berklee college of Music where i studied in the nineties and finally, I got to catch up with my old friend Claes Brondal who runs a jam session in Sag harbor on Long Island. This night he had brought Lew Soloff, who played with Blood Sweat and Tears, Frank Sinatra and everybody worth mentioning. I was lucky enough to have him play on one of my songs, When Sharks Bite,- now that was a great night!

Summer Session 2012

This summer I had the great fortune of being at Danish Jazz’ Summer Session a summer camp for professional jazz musicians. If you look carefully You’ll see me in the top right,- maybe you can spot some of the other players too. Among the teachers this year was Enrico Pieranunzi, Joe Lovano, Tyshawn Sorrey and Lage Lund.

Summer concerts 2012

This summer I’ll be playing live at Helsingborg Festival (Sweden), the Heenry Herup Museum, Vor Frelser Cathedral as well as 3 concerts at Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

Here’s an overview:

29/6: Martin Fabricius SOLO in Vor Frelser Kirke – medidative music in one of the most beautiful churches in Scandinavia

1/7: Martin Fabricius TRIO feat. Mathias Heise at the Heenry Heerup Museum. Enjoy the music and the beautiful art of Henry Heerup.

5+6/7: Martin Fabricius TRIO feat. Mathias Heise at Nørrebro bryghus: Great beer – great music

14/7: Composers summit with Søren Bebe, Kasper Tagel and Martin Fabricius at Homemade Records. This is the first time we’ll play together. Each of us are bringing 2-3 original compositions to the session…. everything can, and hopefully will, happen.

26/7: Martin Fabricius TRIO feat Mathias Heise at Helsingborg Festival – Sweden (the jazz stage): This is first outdoor concert of the trio – the weather is bound to be nice!

I’m very excited about this summer’s program and hope to see you at one or more of the concerts.

Martin Fabricius TRIO feat. Mathias Heise at Copenhagen Vinter Jazz Festival

February 18th 2012 9 PM at Nørrebro Bryghus
Facebook event click here

This is an evening I’m looking extremely forward to. Not only is it great to be invited to play at the Copenhagen Vinter Jazz Festival, the lineup itself is very exciting for me. Christian Hougaard Nielsen, who plays on my first CD, when Sharks Bite, is back. He’s a wonderfully imaginative and extremely gifted bass player who masters the melodic and virtuosic playing style of his former teacher NHØP. Behind the drums is Anders Ramhede. As a jazz drummer, Anders has a rather unusual “day time gig” being rockstar in the Danish rock band Magtens Korridorer…. but armed with a set of brushes and sat behind a small jazz drum kit he works absolute magic. Finally, but not least, the young and extremely talented harmonica player, Mathias Heise, will be joining us. Mathias is this years receiver of the 40.000 kr music award, Rødovre Music Award…. well, the city of Rødovre are lucky to be associated with such talent as are we.
We’ll be playing music from my two CD’s, When Sharks Bite and The Speed of Why as well as some new pieces I’m looking forward to present to you.
I hope to see as many of you as possible for a night of good music, excellent beer and if you’re hungry, great food.

All the best


Sommer Concerts

Together with Chris Lavender I have had some really great concerts this past week… their are still two left, one is tonight at Vor Frelser Cathedral and the other one is tomorrow night at Copenhagen Jazz Festival at Nørrebro Bryghus 9 pm. The one tomorrow will be with Anders Ramhede from Magtens Koridorer (drums) and 17 year old Mathias Heise who is an extremely talented harmonica player. I can’t wait!!!

Jam Session in Sag Harbour

A picture from last night’s jam session in Sag Harbour…. the guy to my right, who had a great presence in his sound, is Morris Goldberg who played on Paul Simons Graceland album and does the penny whistle solo on You Can Call Me Al,- how cool is that? Also, Claes Brøndal, my all time favorite drummer is behind the drums. It was the first time in 18 years that we played together. He made me feel right at home and kept everything together with his wonderful sense of time. It was a great night:0)

New CD out now!

A brand new CD with chris Lavender and I has just been released.
Hurry up and get a copy of this CD… we offer a 100 year full satisfaction guaranty:0)
GDC – europe
CDBaby – the rest of the world
Itunes – Denmark
(the CD will be on Itunes everywhere but the links might be different)

This is how we would describe the music:

Smooth sonic textures and catchy melodies are the key elements of this unique duo comprised of Martin Fabricius and Chris Lavender. As long time friends and collaborators who met as students at the Berklee College of Music, Martin and Chris have honed a specific sound that crosses the production aesthetic of 1970’s ECM recordings with the melodic sensibilities of popular European and American folk traditions. The combination of the pristine and silky sound of the vibraphone with the low and timbrally rich sound of the touch-guitar is a perfect match.