Summer concerts 2012

This summer I’ll be playing live at Helsingborg Festival (Sweden), the Heenry Herup Museum, Vor Frelser Cathedral as well as 3 concerts at Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

Here’s an overview:

29/6: Martin Fabricius SOLO in Vor Frelser Kirke – medidative music in one of the most beautiful churches in Scandinavia

1/7: Martin Fabricius TRIO feat. Mathias Heise at the Heenry Heerup Museum. Enjoy the music and the beautiful art of Henry Heerup.

5+6/7: Martin Fabricius TRIO feat. Mathias Heise at Nørrebro bryghus: Great beer – great music

14/7: Composers summit with Søren Bebe, Kasper Tagel and Martin Fabricius at Homemade Records. This is the first time we’ll play together. Each of us are bringing 2-3 original compositions to the session…. everything can, and hopefully will, happen.

26/7: Martin Fabricius TRIO feat Mathias Heise at Helsingborg Festival – Sweden (the jazz stage): This is first outdoor concert of the trio – the weather is bound to be nice!

I’m very excited about this summer’s program and hope to see you at one or more of the concerts.

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