Martin Fabricius TRIO + GROUP

5 stjerner copy JazzThetik, Victoriah Szirmai –  Under the Same Sky (2018)
For nine songs, the listener floats on an air maddress filled with dreams, on a sea of minimalistic sound waves, acompanied by winds of sweat melancoly from suny skies”

5 stjerner copyAll About Jazz, Budd Kopman – Out of the White (2014)
”The opening sounds of the title track of Out of the White herald that this is going to be something different […] the happy/sad feeling of a Fellini film.”

4 stjerner copy Gaffa, Ivan Rod – Out of the White (2014)
Seductive, beautiful and captivating instrumental jazz

The music, of Martin Fabricius Trio has a distinct nordic tone with strong melodies and has, by more than one critic, been described as image creating, beautiful music with healing powers. Strong melodies with rich harmonies invites the listener in to a world of acoustic chamber jazz, with notes of classical minimalism and electronic elements. Combined with intrqing rhythms and lot’s of improvisation, the music of Martin Fabricius is  at the same time  subtle, grand, energetic and refined.

Established in 20017, Martin Fabricius Trio has played on large festival stages, in small jazzclubs and grand cathedrals. They have toured in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, China and Africa. Their new CD, Under the Same Sky, will be released on October 19th 2018 by Berthold Records and has already recieved 5 out of 5 stars from the German magazine Jazzthetik. They have released 3 critical aclaimed albums since 2008.

Martin Fabricius : Vibraphone
Andreas Markus: Double Bass
Jacob Hatholt: Drums

Martin Fabricius Trio is sometimes expanded with Mathias Heise (harmonica) and Neff Irizarry (guitar) and becomes Martin Fabricius Group.

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