A low sun, a quiet fog, long shadows and a calm as old as time itself.

A jazz vibraphonist with a background in film scoring, a classical trained flutist with strong ties to Slovakian folk tradition and a funk keyboard player has united to form the band “Ø”

A deep connection to nature and an urge to tell stories runs through every phrase of Lav Sol, their first album.
A spellbinding mix of Folk music and Nordic Jazz. Here you can Experience a beautiful, calm and at times mysterious world, where sounds and instruments you most likely never heard before, blend together in an otherworldly soundscape. Take for instance the vibraphone played with electronics or the Slovakian shepherd-flute the Fujara.
It’s on Unescos heritage list of the worlds wonders and sounds like rolling hills and shifting clouds will lay a warm blanket of wellbeing and magic over those fortunate enough to hear it.

Lav Sol became album of the week on Danish National Radio, P8 Jazz. It has also been played on Danish National Radio, P2 Classical – which is a clear indication that this music is breaking genres and can be appreciated by a large audience.

Ø is:
Pernille Ebert: Fujara, Dvojacka, Renesance flutes and vocal
Martin Fabricius: Vibraphone with electronics, marimba and percussion
Magnus Mikkelsen: Fender Rhodes and synthesiser


…an investigation, a vision, an awakening.”

– Lærke Kløvedal, Stines Søndag P2, Danish National Radio

A stroke of genius… the music is full of hope and light… it makes your heart sing.”

– Niels Christian Cederberg Danish National Radio, P8 Jazz

I’ve never heard this combination of instruments before… beautiful, lightly melancholic atmospheric melodies that embrace the listener.”

– Niels Overgård, Jazz Nyt

It has nature and magic in it… like a fresh breeze… it’s a really beautiful album.”

– Karen Mukupa

Lav Sol was chosen by Danish National Radio, P8 Jazz, as album of the week December 11th 2023