São Paulo Panic

It’s hard to panic when it’s summer in Brazil, the fruit is ripe and you have plenty of studio time ahead. Six artists from different countries met at the Jazzahead! conference in Germany through BERTHOLD records and a few months later flew to São Paulo Brazil to create a new and intricate band from scratch at Da Pá Virada studios.

How could different origins, heritages, professional backgrounds, conceptions and ideas sound like a unique band? During a 10-day creative experience, the music was completely different every day. São Paulo Panic sounds like all of them together, exactly because it sounds like none of them individually.

São Paulo Panic became number one on the the official Spotify playlist Jazz Brasileiro and was album of the week on German radio station NDR. Jazzthing Magazine wrote:

“Their songs have hit potential. An original band sound à la Return to Forever.”

Dani Gurgel | vocals | São Paulo, Brazil
Thiago Rabello | drums & production | São Paulo, Brazil
Timo Vollbrecht | saxophone | Germany/New York
Martin Fabricius | vibraphone | Denmark
Tal Arditi | guitar | Israel/Berlin
Frederico Heliodoro | bass | Minas Gerais, Brazil