Martin Fabricius SOLO

Danish vibraphone player, Martin Fabricius, brings new sounds to the vibraphone.

Martin Fabricius is a former student of Gary Burton and is schooled in the pianistic 4-mallet approach of playing the vibraphone. Building on the legacy of Gary Burton, Martin is considered a leading exponent of a new generation of vibraphone players, exploring the use of electronics, new repertoire and inventing new playing technique in the quest of expanding the expressive possibilities of his instrument. Martin’s music has by many been described as calm, image invoking Nordic jazz. His trio albums has received international critical acclaim – including 5 of 5 star reviews in All About Jazz and JazzThetik. Martin has played with legends like Tomasz Stanko and Steve Swallow and has toured Europe, Asia, Africa and the U.S.. Martin Fabricius is one of the most played jazz artist on Danish National Radio.

This evening Martin will be alone on stage with his vibraphone and electronics and play a set of originals, folk songs and new renditions of tunes by artist like Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen all tied together with free improvisation and beautiful soundscapes.