Martin Fabricius Trio: NEW WORLD

Martin Fabricius Trio – Hamburg, DE

Since the foundation of his trio in 2007 Copenhagen, vibraphonist and composer, Martin Fabricius, enthuses with a laid back sound universe of catchy melodies and subtle improvisation. Each of his released albums received international acclaim and has opened the doors for tours in Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, South America and the U.S.

On this evening, Danish vibraphonist Martin Fabricius and his trio will present their new album; New World.
Expect to me moved, to be inspired to be uplifted, to laugh… and maybe even cry a little.
Their will be vast landscapes, mystical sceneries, train rides, breathtaking ballads, a war, a hero, a time to laugh and a time to cry. New World paints, in pastel colors, a world that is changing even before the painting is dry and deals with finding time, feeling connected, imaginative journeys, the pandemic, trying to eat less beef (maybe) and themes of loss and love.
It’s a journey into the vivid imagination of Martin Fabricius and his musical companions for a decade, bassist Andreas Markus and drummer Jacob Hatholt.

On this tour, Michael Dalgas, who have played with the trio before, will be behind the drums.


It’s intoxicating beautiful music… They make music like no one else. The trio radiates a clarified maturity of international class. It’s intoxicating beautiful music.


For nine songs, the listener floats on an air mattress filled with dreams, on a sea of minimalistic sound waves, accompanied by winds of sweet melancholy from sunny skies

Nordbayrische Nachrichten

Fabricius and company are masters of the quiet, subtle, atmospheric notes. In the capturing ballads and pastel colored sound paintings, stories are told from all around the world”


Elbphilharmonie Kulturcafé (am Mönckebergbrunnen)