Lots of very special guests and new collaborations

This summer I’ll be playing at Copenhagen Jazz Festival, The Heerup Museum and the New Note Festival, and every concert will be different.
Friday the 5th of July I’ll be playing with my trio, Jacob Hatholt (dr),  Christian Hougaard Nielsen (Bass) and special guest Tomas Trullson (alto sax) at Nørrebro Bryghus.
The following night (Saturday July 6th) we will have Kasper Tagel on bass and guitarist Thomas Maintz will do us company along with artist Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholt who will be doing live drawings to our music.
Sunday at 2 pm July 7th, pianist Søren Bebe and I will play our first duo concert together at The Heerup Museum. The video above is from one of our rehearsals.
Finally, Mathias Heise, will join the trio with his harmonica as special guest when we play at the New Note Festival at Hillerød Library August 10th at 4 pm.
This summer is going to me truly exciting for me, and not two concerts will be the same. I hope you’ll have the opportunity to come and experience all these talented people unfold their magic.