“Wow” tour in Germany 2019

We just came back from a great tour in Germany playing two concerts with the trio and two concerts with the group. We got three killer live reviews – one them even had the multi lingual word “WOW” in it :0)

Here’s a few quotes in English. You’ll find the entire reviews in German under the press section of this site

“Perfect ensemble playing (…) an excellent performance (…) The audience where thrilled by the cool Danes in the overfilled castle vault.”
– Fränkischer Tag / Rudolf Görtler / 27.1.2019

“The house is sold out (…) this evening is everything, sound, light, atmosphere, perfectly in tune (…) Michael Behr [president of Just Jazz] sums it up: “Fantastic, high class, really, thanks a lot, wow!”

– Kreiszeitung Rotenburg / Henrik Pröhl / 27.1.2019

“Fabricius and company are masters of the quiet, subtile, atmospheric notes. In the capturing ballads and pastel colored sound paintings, stories are told from all around the world.”

– Nordbayrische Nachrichten / Hans von Draminski / 29.1.2019

A big “thank you” goes out to Sebastian Bergmann who took some amazing photos from our evening at Just Jazz in Rotenburg.