Time flies when you’re having fun…

Bebe / Fabricius DUO at Copenhagen Vinter Jazz Festival 2014, Metronomen

It’s officially spring and about time I do a small update of what’s been going on.

This winter I played at Copenhagen Jazz Festival with my Trio, again, featuring the young harmonica virtuous Mathias Heise. Thanks to everybody who showed up. As all ways, we had a great time.

I also played a concert during the festival with Søren Bebe. He’s one the greatest pianist i know and it’s my hope the we will get a chance to play again soon.

And finally… I have just recorded my third album. This time with my trio and Mathias Heise as a featured guest. Now follows some time with mixing and mastering, making cover art and all the other things that are involved when making an album. Release date is set to mid November.

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All the best – Martin

Martin Fabricius